Willibrew’s COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

1. We are monitoring our staff’s health with a daily checklist, including a negative symptom check and temperatures.

2. Our staff will be wearing face coverings/masks and gloves as necessary. Strict handwashing policy, as always, will be in effect.

3. Face coverings/masks are required by the customer while walking to tables and when entering the building for bathrooms. They may be taken off once seated at your table.

4. Hand sanitizer is provided at building entrances and exits as well as upon entry to our Biergarten space.

5. Biergarten and indoor seating is by reservation up to a week in advance. Any reservations made for outdoor dining will be moved to an indoor reservation if the outside dining is closed due to weather. Walk-in availability will be based on reservations made for that day.

6. Bathrooms, door handles, surfaces will be sanitized on a strict schedule.

7. Due to our limited seating available, we would like to allow as many guests as possible the opportunity to enjoy a beer and a meal. Tables will be limited to a 2 hour block of time.

Thank You & Stay Healthy,

Willibrew Crew